Unicorns aren’t real—

but they do show up from time to time.

We all know that a unicorn is a mythical beast—but your business isn’t.  It is your real passion and your commitment.  It is what you think about and engage with each day.

Neil Senturia & Barbara Bry

Business and human analysts, backed by more than 50 years of deal making and teaching entrepreneurs.

We are hunters in your search for your own inner unicorn.

Unicorns come in all sizes. It is not necessarily a billion-dollar company. It is an expression of the dreams that you want to realize.

Our business is designed to assist you in avoiding stupid mistakes, dumb decisions, and misplaced biases.

Our goal is to enhance your greatest strengths and help you manage your weaknesses.  It’s what you don’t know that you don’t know that will kill you.


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Feel free to sample the Unicorn Hunter, and if you find some small bones that look interesting to you, please get in touch, and we will try to help you assemble the rest of the skeleton.


Don’t Take Our Word For It

See what our other unicorns have to say.

During the growth of our company, Neil Senturia proactively engaged, directly questioned, and often pushed me to consider all alternatives especially those for which I’m not naturally inclined. Most importantly, it is clear that Neil truly cares about my well-being as much as the corporation’s success.

Gregory A. Stein

CEO, Shadowbox

I have known Barbara Bry for 30 years and worked with her to start Athena San Diego for women in the San Diego innovation economy. I’ve always been impressed with her common sense ability to focus on the key issues and to resolve difficult problems.

Tamar Elkeles

Venture Partner, Emerge

Neil Senturia served as my personal consigliere as I worked though how to exit my company and create wealth from my efforts.  We spent almost 4 years together.  In the end, he helped me find the door and the key to open it—and then a massive success as I had always hoped.

Dan Frank

Former CEO, Three Wire Systems

As a female tech entrepreneur, I have been blessed to have the guidance and support of Barbara Bry. As a female pioneer in the tech industry, she has offered invaluable insight into fundraising, business planning, marketing, and market conditions. Her decades of experience in successful business ventures has given her deep insight into what it takes to achieve entrepreneurial success. Her support has been critical to my success in multiple projects. Her down-to-earth, practical wisdom is an asset to anyone lucky enough to have her in their corner.

Cynara Kidwell

President, WOBJay

Since 2008, Neil has guided me through the early stages of my entrepreneurial journey to significant milestones, including bootstrapping an online marketplace to $100M in sales, and spearheading a venture-backed company that successfully raised over $30M from top-tier VCs. His straightforward, no-nonsense approach has been instrumental in shaping my decisions and in driving the operational success of my businesses, leading to millions in profits.

Bobby Brannigan

Founder and CEO, Mercato

I had a Ph.D. in biochemistry and was working at UCSD. Barbara Bry and Neil Senturia were teaching a class on entrepreneurship. I took it. It was great. I went to see Neil later that year and asked him to invest in a company I wanted to start. He said no. I asked again a few months later and he said yes. We were together for 9 years. In the end, the company went public. We both made a lot of money. We argued a little, but I am a better CEO because of my time with them. And yes, I would do it again.

Dr. Bradley Messmer

CEO, Abreos Biosciences

Having known Barbara Bry for more than 20 years through the entrepreneur community in San Diego, I have seen firsthand her impressive impact on founders, investors, and industry leaders. She has been a role model and mentor to countless women in particular, elevating the region and quality of our startup/innovation ecosystem as a whole.

Gabriela Dow

Director, Ardurra

I’ve used Neil Sentiuria’s consulting services twice now for two of the biggest deals of my life. The first was a dispute amongst Partners for a company I Founded years ago. With my back against the wall, Neil created some space for us to think and strategize and come up with an ideal solution. He stuck with me and ended what would have been a court battle before it even started—saving me in attorney fees, time with my wife, and time with my newborn daughter. The second time around he helped me in my personal life with a custody dispute that was becoming a long drawn out process in the court system. He brought all parties to the table and we ended everything in one meeting. Powerful stuff. Lawyers are never the answer. Neil is a true power negotiator and ends disputes quickly and with virtually no collateral damage. Worth every penny! 

Nick Slettengren



From the Mind of Neil Senturia

Neil and Barbara write regular articles for outlets such as the San Diego Union-Tribune. Check out some of their latest articles, or see them all, here.


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